Penny Bowden


Penny joined the practice in the summer of 2013 after completing a Business & Accounting degree at UCLAN university. She carried on her study and qualified as an ICAEW Chartered Accountant in September 2016, before obtaining her Responsible Individual (RI) qualification on the audit side in October 2019, being the latest RI to be involved in the company.

Penny comes from a background of business owners, with her successful family farming business established over 150 years ago and many of her family working for themselves over the years.

Being born into a farming family helps her understand not only the practical aspects of running a business but the everyday challenges that come from not just a business but a way of life.

Penny is able to bring this into her work at Riverside Accountancy, advising clients in many sectors and giving clients the comfort that comes from someone they can relate to.

Penny gets involved in every aspect of the company, Audit, Taxation, Accounts and FCA regulated activities. She enjoys business planning and forecasting for businesses, for new projects or aiding clients in obtaining finance for new opportunities.

It won’t come as a surprise that Penny and her husband have three horses on the family farm and this is how she spends her spare time, She has always been a keen sportsperson in many team games during her school days and her time during and after university. They have also completed a couple of challenges for charity and hope to continue this in the future.

Just after Penny became a director at the firm, she welcomed her little boy into the world and away from work her family are the most important thing to her and where she spends a lot of her time.